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Greetings from Maine Volunteer Responders.  MVR is a Public Charity non profit corporation focused on assistance to our neighbors when tragedy strikes, whether from man made events or natural disasters.  We offer electrical power to as many locations as possible by way of portable generators and we offer transportation to families out of a dangerous area.  It is our goal to help, as much as is possible, to feed our neighbors and provide them with life sustaining clean water to drink in the event of the lack of government assistance prior to or during an event.  We train and prepare to provide security to a devastated area as well as provide secure transportation out of that area to families and those that may be trapped there.  It is our desire to train our neighbors how to provide for themselves in a crisis and show them how they can help others also.

We are neighbors helping neighbors however, as you can imagine, we cannot do that alone.  We are soliciting donations to our cause in the form of needed equipment, non perishable food, clean water and, of course, cash.  Any donation made is tax deductible and more than that, is greatly appreciated by MVR as well as the folks that will eventually need our help.

We all hope there will never be a hurricane Katrina in Maine but we have witnessed an ice storm a few years ago that dislocated families for weeks.  Even baring that large scale emergency we have begun a program of checking on the elderly and “shut ins” during the storms of winter and heat of summer to ensure they are safe and sound.  

Please provide any donation you feel we could use to help those in danger or in crisis.  You never know when it may be you and your family that is hoping for help during a crisis.  MVR is preparing every day for that eventuality.  Thank you in advance for your donation.


Maine Volunteer Responders

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